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Short and Sweet, With a Touch of Spice

Ghosts of Kingston Cottage - Libby Bishop




Release date 10/28/2013
4 of 5 stars


Arabella Pierce has a very unique and sometimes troublesome talent. She can sense and at times interact with the dead. After being burned by skeptic reporters, she is more than a little hostile when she is told to work with another of the same ilk.


Lucas Brown understands how the Revenant team might not be on board with his presence for the next hunt, but he has an obligation to present the facts to his readers. He will come in with an open mind and no preconceived notions. He will however be watching very closely for any tricks or deceptive practices. Arabella will just have to deal with it.


I was kind of like Lucas when starting this book. I went in with an open mind, but on alert for anything that was going to set off my "pfffft" radar. It never sent out a loud alarm, in fact the story read very smoothly, My only complaint is that Lucas' POV was never presented. I know it would have been a tight fit since Ghost of Kingston Cottage is under a hundred pages, but still, I like to have the male's perspective. The actual writing was spot on, building anticipation of will they or won't they.


To me however, the actual star of the story was the plight of Seamus and Katie, the lingering spirits of two tragically deceased souls. Their story squeezed my heart and made my eyes a bit misty. Their love was eternal, but neither could move on until they connected on the mortal realm. Simply heartbreaking. Lucas and Arabella's story was more of a side note for me, it added an extra spice and gave a feeling of being more connected to the real world. Their relationship progressed at a rapid rate, kind of a love at first sight occurrence. I am a believer of this phenomenon, so I totally bought in to this plot line. Everything considered, I recommend this book. It will more than fill the bill for those looking for a compelling but short love story with a strong paranormal thread.


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