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Jade Clarence was born into a family of exorcists, who believe the only good lingering spirit is a destroyed lingering spirit. Bucking family tradition, Jade believes that some spirits are not inherently evil and is trying to discover a way to help the spirit move on rather than painfully destroy the lost souls.


Dutch Hutchinson has been trapped on the mortal plain since his tragic death over a hundred years ago. Tired of his lonely existence he uses his energy to contact the Clarence family to perform an exorcism, leaving out some very important details. Meeting Jade may just give Dutch a chance to hang around.


I'm going to lay some honesty on you right now. I agreed to review several books in order to receive the newest release of another author. Smack me hard and call me dumb ass. This little short story stole the show big time. Sarah Gilman just blew me away in less than a hundred pages. I fell right into Dutch's predicament and was emotionally invested by the end of the first chapter. I flew through this story in record time and reread it the next day just to make sure it was as good as I had originally thought. It absolutely was. The characters were extremely engaging and well developed. The story was fraught with deep emotion, light humor and enough spice to keep it on the hot scale. There is of course a quasi-villain in the mix and a dilemma to overcome. Think all this couldn't possibly be covered in seventy pages? Give it a read and find out.